"And then there was Nan Mason, veteran of a thousand nightclubs come and gone...If there is a tougher, gutsier cabaret singer in town, this listener hasn't heard her."

Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

"One of Cabaret's leading diva's. Nan Mason built a reputation by crossing every musical frontier in her search for suitable material. In her latest incarnation...she blends a dazzling multitude of styles and genres with exciting, explosive results...."

Bob Harrington, New York Post

"Nan Mason can torch with the torchiest of torch singers at one moment and then, in the next, plunge into the refreshingly cool waters of high camp...."


"Brassy and sentimental by turns, she is the equivalent to a three-ring play, creating an aura of sophisticated irony that allows the audience to respond to her from a variety of viewpoints."

Larry Kart, Chicago Tribune

"For someone who comes on like a rowdy, risqué good-time dame, Mason keeps her act under tight control...beyond the vamping and clowning, she can sell a song with a sinus-clearing voice that lowers to a purr at precisely calculated moments...."

Lon Grahnke, Chicago Sun-Times

"Ms. Mason has an unbelievably expressive voice and persona. There are times one feels the pathos of Piaf when she works her lower register.."

Dick Murphy, Entertainment Magazine (NYC)

"The show opens and all Hell breaks loose...She is one wonderful, mad woman who grabs you and throws you around the cabaret...."

The Connection (NYC)

"A true crooner...this slightly ditzy bombshell is a lyrical artist of impressive credentials...."

Michael's Thing (NYC)

"Mason's voice is one of the natural wonders of the western world, ranging from pure and delicate notes even Streisand would envy, to brassy Mermanesque upbeats. The voice alone would make any show worthwhile...Nan Mason is the quintessential cabaret singer, and this is one show you should see if you have to hobble down Restaurant Row (46th Street in NYC) on your hands and knees."

Bob Harrington, Backstage


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